Pequea HT6201 Turbo Tedder

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Additional information

Additional Information

Need something bigger than a 4-rotor tedder but still on a tight budget? The TT6201 was designed for those who need to maximize working width with a minimal amount of road travel. This tedder offers a 26’ 6” working width and has the heavy-duty American made quality you want. All TurboTedders™ feature seven asymmetrical tines per rotor mounted on arms made from durable pipe. Heavy enclosed oil-bath gearboxes include a 5 year warranty. At the pivot points, power is transferred to the rotors through carburized finger drives. All of this rides smoothly atop the patent pending “T-Flex” rubber torsion suspension. Hydraulic fold and tilt are also standard, so there’s no need to leave the tractor until the job is done.